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How Beneficial is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is essential in preserving your natural teeth that have been infected or damaged. It prevents the progression of infection that has affected the pulp of your tooth. The endodontist removes the bacterial infection that has affected the tooth\’s pulp. However, the teeth become weakened, but root canal therapy can still make the tooth stay in its place. Upon completion of the root canal therapy, the dentist in Sugar Land will place prosthetic teeth such as dental crowns to save the teeth from getting broken out. 

Root Canal Therapy Prevents Problems Due To Missing Teeth

During root canal treatment, the nerve portion of the affected teeth will be extracted entirely. It is done to reduce the severe pain that the patient is suffering from. Once the procedure is done, the pain can be eliminated right away. Extracting the tooth may lead to the movement of adjacent teeth. That is why Sugar Land dentists recommend people have their missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. The movement of the adjacent teeth may also cause misalignment in the jaw. The misalignment further causes pain in the jaw. When a person begins to experience pain in their jaw, they will begin clenching or grinding their teeth. Saving the tooth by removing the pulp preserves your natural teeth and prevents such problems. 

Root Canal Treatment Prevents Bacteria From Spreading To Rest Of The Teeth

Undergoing root canal treatment can save you substantial medical bills in the long run. Many people consider root canal therapy as painful, unnecessary, and expensive. One of the most incredible benefits of root canal therapy is that it removes the bacteria that have led to tooth infections. Furthermore, the endodontist also removes the tissues which were affected due to the presence of these bacteria. Thus root canal treatment plays a crucial role in preventing the bacteria from spreading to other teeth. A tooth extraction also risks bacteria spreading to the rest of the teeth if the missing teeth area is not replaced with prosthetic teeth. The infection can bring to the point that all the teeth may need to be extracted if the problem is not fixed using root canal treatment. 

Losing multiple teeth due to infection can cause problems related to eating and chewing properly. If the food is not chewed properly, it can cause indigestion problems. A missing tooth can also make the person hide their smile, leading to low self-confidence and self-esteem. Speaking problems are also common among those whose teeth have been extracted due to an infection. All such problems can be fixed with the help of root canal treatment. Schedule an appointment with an endodontist in Sugar Land to know more about root canal therapy and its various benefits.

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