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Tooth Extraction in Sugar Land TX, 77479

Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted Today!!

FLOSS Dental - Sugar Land TX, 77479 offers wisdom tooth extraction when you need them.

You might be suggested to get your tooth extracted if it is completely damaged. Your infected tooth will be pulled out of the dental socket to help you get rid of the pain that you are going through. Our dentists at FLOSS Dental - Sugar Land TX, 77479 located at 2735 Town Center Blvd. N, Suite L, Sugar Land, TX 77479
perform hassle-free surgical tooth extraction and make sure the patients surpass their dental fear during the procedure.

We Provide Nitrous Sedation to Our Patients

The sensation of pain during a dental surgery often triggers fear and anxiety. But, we at FLOSS –Sugar Land provide nitrous sedation to make a dental experience nothing short of comfortable. It allows you to stay calm and composed during a dental procedure which makes it easy for you to get through it.

Tooth Extraction Sugar Land TX at FLOSS Dental Sugar Land
Reasons for Getting a Tooth Extracted

If your tooth is chipped, cracked or broken badly.

If your teeth are crowded and have led to a lot of uncalled problems.

If your impacted tooth is causing you an insufferable pain.

The condition of your periodontal disease has escalated.

If your decayed tooth has infected the pulp or giving rise to severe problems.

Dental trauma.

Procedure for Normal Tooth Extraction

Firstly, the dentist will numb the area surrounding your affected tooth.

The tooth will be then loosened with a surgical instrument.

Right after that, the tooth will be pulled out with a pair of forceps.

A gauze will be then placed in the surgical area to control the flow of bleeding.

How is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed?

When your wisdom tooth does not have enough room to grow in your mouth, it causes an unbearable pain due to which the dentist might recommend you to get it pulled out. Here is the procedure for extracting a wisdom tooth.

Firstly, a surgical cut is made in your gum tissue to expose the bone and the tooth.

Then the bone which blocks access to the tooth root is removed.

The tooth is cut into sections.

The socket is widened to eliminate the infected tooth.

Right after that, the surgical site will be cleaned.

A gauze is kept in the surgical area to control or stop bleeding.

Measures to Follow After a Surgical Tooth Extraction

Avoid consumption of alcohol.

Don’t smoke tobacco.

Don’t drink anything with a straw.

Avoid exercising.

Only eat soft foods.

Are you looking for a hassle-free surgical tooth extraction service around Town Center Blvd. N, Sugar Land area, then get in touch with us today at (281) 864 3470.

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