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3 best ways to enrich your teeth with teeth whitening

Many of us struggle to cope with stained or discolored teeth. Such people often hide their smiles or talk less so that people may not notice their discolored teeth. With teeth whitening, making your teeth shade brighter has become an effective option. Even though it may not give a color change, it still can lighten the existing shade.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an effective, simple and safest way of whitening your teeth. It is one of the best ways to brighten your smile without removing any tooth surfaces. Teeth whitening can be performed either as an in-office procedure or as over-the-counter products available from stores. The most effective of both is the in-office teeth whitening procedure performed by a well-trained and experienced dentist in Sugar Land who knows what to do and how to do it.

What has been included in the teeth whitening procedures?

The teeth whitening procedure will include the following steps as mentioned below.

  • The dentist will use a tooth shade chart to understand the present shade of your teeth. The dentist will let you know how many shades lighter they can achieve upon completing the teeth whitening dental treatment. 
  • A pumice tool will then be used for polishing the teeth and removing the presence of plaque, if any.
  • The dentist will make use of tools that help keep your mouth open. A barrier will be placed across the gum line to ensure that the whitening agent does not come in touch with your gums, cheeks and tongue.
  • The dentist will then apply the whitening agent in a controlled environment so that the soft tissues are not damaged. It will then be left for an hour. They will use light activation if it is included in the cosmetic dental treatment.
  • You will be asked to rinse your mouth once the whitening process is completed. Fluoride will be applied by the dentist, which will eliminate any potential sensitivity. 
  • Your dentist will discuss the teeth shades they have lightened after the teeth whitening treatment. You will also be advised about the aftercare instructions you must follow to avoid staining the teeth.

How long does it take to whiten the teeth?

The entire teeth whitening treatment performed by the cosmetic dentist can be completed within three to four weeks. You might have to visit the dentist twice or thrice. During the first appointment, they will use a mouthguard to take impressions of your teeth. Once the dentist starts the treatment, you will have to continue the treatment at home by applying the whitening product for 30 minutes to one hour at a time for two to four weeks. However, procedures such as laser whitening can make your teeth five or six shades lighter. During the procedure, a rubber dam will be placed over your teeth, and a bleaching product will be painted onto the teeth in a controlled environment. Then a light is shown on the teeth to activate the chemical, which further speeds up the reaction of the whitening product.

What are the advantages of whitening the teeth?

  • Teeth whitening can remove the discoloration of the teeth that may be caused due to aging or dietary habits.
  • Stains that are caused due to eating certain food and drinks such as acidic beverages can be reduced with the help of teeth whitening. 
  • Discolored teeth can make your smile look less appealing, because of which you may feel less confident. Teeth whitening improves your self-confidence by enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. 
  • You can smile more often, and the whitened teeth make you look more youthful. 
  • Teeth whitening provides instant results and is a safe, simple and effective procedure. 

What to eat after teeth whitening?

You should avoid food and beverages such as wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, sugar candies and certain fruits that may cause discoloration or stain in your teeth. However, after the teeth whitening treatment, you can eat fish, chicken, rice, bread, pasta, white cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you should ask your dentist about the food you should eat after the teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

This blog has discussed teeth whitening, the procedure involved, and its various benefits. If a stained or discolored tooth is resulting in low self-esteem and confidence in you, then look no further than in-office teeth whitening cosmetic dental treatment which can help you give sparkling white teeth.

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