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The Essentials For Teeth Extraction in Sugarland

Despite the longevity of permanent teeth, deterioration or damage may require tooth extractions in some cases. A patient\’s mouth may be crowded, needing teeth extraction to provide room for orthodontic treatment. Our dentists at Floss Dental Sugarland in Sugarland, TX are best at doing all sorts of teeth extraction.

There are several reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary, such as an infection or the danger of infection. Periodontal disease (gum disease) and wisdom tooth extraction are two more conditions that may need a tooth removal. Here\’s a look at the extraction and recovery process in more detail.

The Essentials of Extracting a Tooth

Tooth extractions may be performed by both dentists and oral surgeons. A local anesthetic will be administered by our Sugarland, TX dentists before to the extraction. The injection numbs the region where the tooth is to be extracted.. If the tooth is impacted, it is required to remove the bone and gum tissue around it.

Our Oral Surgeon in Sugarland, TX will use forceps to hold the tooth and move it back and forth to release the tooth. The tooth will be extracted by a specialist after it has become sufficiently dislodged from the surrounding tissues and bone of the jaw. Dentists in Sugarland, TX may be forced to extract teeth in pieces if one is very stubborn.

A blood clot will most likely develop in the tooth socket after extraction. A gauze pad is then inserted into the socket by the dentist. To stop bleeding, the patient bites down hard on this pad. The dentist may also apply some self-dissolving sutures to the gums around the extraction site.


During a tooth extraction procedure, dangerous microorganisms may enter the patient\’s bloodstream. Antibiotics may be required before and after the extraction for a patient with a condition that puts them at high risk of developing a severe infection.

Before the extraction, patients should inform the dentist/oral surgeon of all of their current medicines, herbal supplements, and other dietary supplements that they are taking.


It takes a few days to recuperate from the surgery fully. If the patient\’s discomfort is unbearable, they should bring up the possibility of taking pain medication. Gently bite on a gauze pad to stop bleeding and facilitate the formation of a clot. Stay with the dentist\’s instructions for how long to leave the pad in place. If you have swelling, applying ice to the affected region might help to lessen it. Patients should take soft food for at least one full day after tooth extraction before returning to work or school.

Do not spit or rinse for six hours after the extraction to keep the clot intact. Smoking might impede the healing process, so avoid it. A day after the extraction, eat soft meals such as yogurt, jello, pudding, and soup. As the extraction site improves, solid meals may be included.

Visit Floss Dental Sugarland in Sugarland, TX for any dental pain or severe dental infection. Our Oral Surgeon will look after your severely damaged teeth.


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