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teeth extraction

Reasons to perform teeth extractions!

As the name suggests, teeth extraction is a process of removing teeth from the dental alveolus or sockets. This process is generally performed by a trained dental professional or a surgeon. Tooth extractions can be categorized under two broad headings – surgical extractions and simple extractions. Now, here at the Floss, we often come across questions related to the reasons for extractions and their necessity. It is due to this reason that we chose to post a blog on this topic. Therefore, if you have similar queries, do give the sections below a diligent read.

A damaged tooth that is beyond repair

There are times when tooth decay reaches the center of the tooth which is the pulp. The bacteria and germs invade the pulp and can be the reason for serious infection. Extraction is considered to be the only viable way to resolve such a problem if the root canal therapy doesn’t turn out to be of effective help. You should know that tooth extraction is absolutely safe and secure if performed properly, under expert supervision.

If you are suffering from a periodontal problem

Periodontal problem is another name infection of the periodontal ligaments, gums, alveolar bone, and other structures that support the teeth. Gingivitis which is the first stage of the periodontal disease if ignored can lead to having an impact on the periodontal ligaments and the alveolar bone. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist nearby can be helpful to avoid periodontal disease. Extraction of a tooth becomes necessary when periodontal disease leads to the loosening of that particular tooth.

Helpful in case of an impacted tooth

A tooth is generally impacted when it is blocked from erupting out. This is very common in the case of wisdom teeth. The dental professional advises extracting the impacted tooth to eliminate the chances of damaging the other teeth. It lowers the risk of overcrowding and infection.

Avoid overcrowding of teeth

Extracting teeth can also be necessary to avoid overcrowding in your mouth. Dentists often recommend opting for this option if you have to undergo orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist will first check to figure out how crowded your teeth are. The extraction is performed only if there is no space to straighten the alignment of your teeth. 

Due to an accident

Tooth extraction can be also necessary if someone gets involved in an accident. The primary motto of the dentist is to provide quality emergency dentistry treatment and preserve the teeth. But if preservation is not possible, extraction is the only viable option left.

We hope that going through the section above has made you aware of the reasons for extracting teeth. If you are looking for the best teeth extraction treatment in Sugar Land, TX, contact Floss. Apart from this, we also offer excellent dental treatments at affordable prices to fulfill the oral needs of our patients. Book your appointment today. 

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