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oral health

Your Mouth Health And It Needs Your Care & Attention

Mouth health is one of the most important aspects of your day-to-day life because, it is being used in vital jobs like eating and communicating! And you are always conscious about this fact and working towards the well-being of your oral cavity. The reason is – all you want is an attractive smile, a healthy breadth and a overall pleasant personality!

This article intends to bring to your knowledge an important aspect about mouth health : even if your teeth looks white and bright, your mouth might bear some other symptoms that hint at a poor oral health!

Some alarming symptoms inside your mouth

Bleeding Gums

They are the first signs of gum disease. Inflammation of the gums or gingivitis, results from plaque that builds up along the gums. In rare unfortunate cases, gingivits can result in periodontal issues that ultimately results in your gums receding. This creates an unwanted hollow space between your teeth and the gum line.

Burning Sensation

This is fortunately not the indication for any serious mouth health issue. A burning sensation in the tongue may occur in two situations: a) a woman who is in her post menopausal stage & b) some irritation or allergic reactions, probably caused by the chemicals in your toothpaste!

A Bright Red Tongue

Although redness in your tongue could be a resultant of chewing some beetle leaves or simply having a lollipop, yet, in normal situations, if your tongue seems to turn red, it signals at a vitamin deficiency, particularly a deficiency of vitamin B-12 and iron. These vitamins are responsible for the bumps on the surface of the tongue – the papillae. The papillae holds the taste buds and are therefore a vital part of our tongue. [Vegans, that is the vegetarian people often suffer from this deficiency!]

Pale Colored Gums

Paleness in the gums, according to dental experts, is linked to anemia or bloodlessness in your body. If you are faced with other symptoms like fatigue and weakness then the condition is sure to be a lack of hemoglobin. You might consult with your physician accordingly.

White-Colored Small Patches

The emergence of small white patches are not a good sign as far as your oral health is concerned. Medically, this condition is termed as leokoplakia and they hint at an immediate consultation with your dentist. These patches, though painless, may go on to the extent of turning cancerous!

Smokers are mostly prone to this. Therefore, two things are highly advisable in this case – you should quit smoking at the earliest & there should be no delay on your part in paying a dental visit.

Red Lesions

Red lesions which refuse to fade away eventually, often indicate a tongue cancer!

Apart from excessive tobacco use like cigarettes and puffs, other responsible factors include the HPV virus, a poor dental hygiene, and also alcohol. Thus red lesions are not to be neglected as soon as they are noticed!

White layer in your tongue

A thick white coating on the tongue is quite an indication of oral yeast infection. It is caused by an overgrowth of yeasts. It is important to know that, both in case of oral yeast infection and vaginal yeast infection, antibiotics are responsible.

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. While doing so, if an imbalance is created, yeast takes over. This condition is also referred to as oral thrush. A good dental hygiene routine and adding probiotic rich foods to your diet can help protect against an oral thrush.

Painful Sore inside the mouth

There are mainly two types of sores that may appear on the mouth:

  • Canker sores – Canker sores are non-contagious. They are mouth ulcers that occur due to stress, allergies, vitamin deficiencies or hormones. They often disappear after a week or two.
  • Cold sores – Cold sores, contrarily, are contagious and painful. They are mouth sores caused by the herpes virus. They can take four weeks, but with your dentist’s intervention.

So your entire oral health is important

This post is aimed at instilling the fact in the minds of its readers that simply taking care of your teeth is not enough! A whitened teeth and an attractive smile should be preserved by taking good care of your entire oral health. Symptoms that cause any sort of uneasiness within your mouth should be addressed immediately to achieve this goal in totality.

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