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teeth whitening cost

Teeth Whitening – Cost and Methods

People wanting to have an attractive and impressive smile often think about how to achieve it. Apart from proper symmetry and oral health, whiteness of the teeth is considered to be the most pivotal factor behind a beautiful smile. Now to get pearly white teeth, people often go for professional teeth whitening. Are you interested in availing such a session of teeth whitening at a nearby dental clinic? Well, if the answer is positive then it is necessary for you to gain a clear idea about the process and its cost. Being in this process of professional dentistry for quite a long span, FLOSS has frequently come across such queries. To draw an end to such confusions and answer all questions about the cost of teeth whitening, we are providing you with this blog.

Firstly, you should be aware of the fact that the cost of whitening your teeth directly depends on whether you do it at home or you are getting it done at a dental clinic.

Tooth whitening can also be done at home with the help of whitening strips. This is considered to be the most inexpensive method of getting the job done. But, it goes without saying that whitening strips are not as effective if compared with the availing a tooth whitening session at a reliable dental clinic. The cost of these whitening strips is around $20 to $40 per box. These boxes generally consist of numerous strips which are plenty to treat your teeth over a week or so. You can also adopt another method which includes finding over-the-counter trays that you fill with a whitening solution and place over your teeth.This way can cost you somewhere around $100.

Other domestic methods of tooth whitening are being mentioned in the pointers below:

Oil Pulling
● Brushing your teeth with baking soda
● Eating more fruits and vegetables
● Incorporating preventive care in your lifestyle to avoid stains on your teeth
● Usage of hydrogen peroxide
It is to be noted that the domestic methods which have been mentioned above are time-taking but effective to an impressive extent.

Let us now discuss the cost of getting the stains on your teeth removed at a dental clinic. You might be scared and confused about the safety of undergoing such a process. This is to assure you and bring under you notice that teeth whitening is a safe and secure method, if done under the observation of a dental professional. The average cost of executing such a process is $650, though it can go upto $1000. The price varies depending on the amount charged by the dentist and the products used. All you need to do is contact a clinic which offers professional teeth whitening service. You will then be informed about the steps involved in teeth whitening by the in-house dentist. This will result in the end of any confusion and also empower you to shed fear (if any). Just for you to know, the whitening strips that are available at the store contain 10% of hydrogen peroxide. Whereas the ones used by the bleaching agents can contain between 25 and 40 percent hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to having a detailed understanding of the cost of teeth whitening, you should also take the cost of maintaining your teeth under consideration. You need to realize that none of the methods for teeth whitening is permanent. Therefore, it is important for you to know that the span of time until which the result of such a session lasts completely depends on how you take care of your teeth post whitening. Avoiding intake of food and drinks which can leave stain on your teeth i.e chocolates, red wines, tea etc will definitely extend the results.

We hope that the information available in this blog has turned out to be helpful for you to know about the cost of undergoing a teeth whitening session both at home and at a dental clinic. To add on, if you are looking for a reliable clinic which offers excellent dental services in or around City Walk, Sugar Land, TX, get in touch with FLOSS.

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