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wisdom teeth

Signs That Your Third Molar Is Coming

In dentistry your wisdom teeth are referred to as your third molars. The term \”wisdom teeth\” was given to these molars because they often erupt between the ages of 17 and 20, when people are generally maturing and gaining more life experience. It is without a doubt accurate to assert that it is prudent to have your impacted wisdom teeth monitored by our dentist in Sugarland,TX and that removing them is an effective method of disease prevention. How can you tell whether your third molars or wisdom teeth are coming in? The following are some symptoms that you could be experiencing.You can visit Floss Dental Sugarland in Sugarland,TX for your painful wisdom teeth.

Redness Or Swelling

It is possible for wisdom teeth to emerge crookedly or perhaps fail to emerge at all from the gums, either of which might result in impacted teeth and the chance of infection. If you have redness and swelling below your second molars, this might indicate that your wisdom teeth are coming in.


The discomfort that you feel as your wisdom teeth are coming in is often minimal, although it may be rather severe at its worst. There is a possibility of experiencing occasional severe discomfort. Chewing may be very painful in the places where the wisdom teeth are pushing through the gums and becoming exposed.

Fever With Headaches

As your wisdom teeth come in, you may have a low-grade fever and headache during their development surge, similar to how a newborn may experience these symptoms when they are teething. The symptoms associated with wisdom teeth tend to come and go since these teeth only develop a little amount at a time before becoming dormant again.

Gum Flap

When your wisdom teeth finally erupt through the gums, you may feel and see a gum flap over the tooth, also known as a peri coronal flap. This flap protects the root of the tooth.

Accidental Tongue Biting

When a new wisdom tooth or teeth come in, you may find that, as part of the process of adapting to the presence of new teeth, you are biting the inside of your cheek or the back of your tongue. This is perfectly normal.

It shouldn\’t be too difficult to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are erupting. The challenging questions occur when determining the best way to deal with them. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you have any queries or concerns about your wisdom teeth or any other aspect of your dental treatment.

Feel free to contact our dentist in Sugarland,TX for any questions you may have regarding wisdom teeth extraction.

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