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A Few Wise Words Regarding Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Third molars aren’t very important in our modern lives because of evolution and how we live. After we reach the age of 17, we get a set of 4 molar teeth in our mouths. Evolution also makes it so that not all of us have enough room in our mouths to move these wisdom teeth. This means that they end up causing more trouble than help!

Why do we often have our wisdom teeth taken out of our bodies?

If you have had wisdom teeth removed, you must know how it feels and how long it took to get better. If you’re getting an extraction, this is what you need to know about how to heal after.

Wise words for a quick recovery after wisdom tooth extraction:

The first 24 hours after you have a wisdom tooth removed, monitor bleeding. This is because you just had a tooth extracted. Try to stay upright for a few days after the extraction. Before you bite down on gauze, rinse your mouth.

Take medicine to help with the pain and swelling after having a tooth pulled. Keep taking them on time and go about your daily business.

Rest is the best thing you can do for your body to get better. Instead of going back to your routine and going back to work right away, take some time to get back to normal. People who have had a tooth removed should not do any heavy exercise while healing. The strain could move the blood clot. Pillows can also keep your head up while you sleep.

Avoid Using Tobacco

Chewing Tobacco or smoking is harmful to you, especially after an extraction. Many things may slow down the healing process and even cause a dry socket in the extraction site, hurting.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the best way to get better after taking a tooth out. After having a tooth removed, drink water and natural fruit juices as much as possible, but don’t use a straw to consume them.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene maintenance is essential even after pulling a tooth. It is even more critical for you to keep up with your oral hygiene. It’s important to gently brush around the extraction site to clean it. Then, just rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. During the first 24 hours of the surgery, don’t brush, rinse, or spit!

It takes a long time to recover after removing a tooth. However, if you want the best service for getting rid of your wisdom teeth, call Sugarland Dental in Texas for help. With the best and most up-to-date tools at your disposal, you will always leave with a smile on your face. This is an excellent time to make an appointment with us today.

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