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root canal treatment Sugar Land

How root canal treatment can save your teeth?

People are often overwhelmed with anxiety or fear when they hear about root canal treatment Sugar Land. However, the treatment can help save your teeth, and the treatment has become much better with significant technological advancements. Therefore, the procedure becomes necessary for saving a tooth that might have to be extracted. Ensure that a well-trained and qualified endodontist always performs root canal treatment. The treatment process may involve one to three visits to the endodontist who specializes in providing root canal therapy. 

What is the Root Canal?

At the time of treatment, the main objective of the dentist would be to remove the infected pulp, after which the pulp chamber and root canals of the tooth are cleaned. Once cleaned, the endodontist will then seal it. For those unaware of what a root canal is, it is the part of a pulp cavity located inside the teeth\’ roots. Only a healthy tooth contains vital pulp tissues. Nerves and blood vessels are present inside the pulp. The pain, feeling, and temperature are transferred by these nerves inside the tooth\’s root. The endodontist removes these damaged or infected nerves and tissues from the inside of the tooth\’s pulp chamber during the root canal treatment Sugar Land. A nerve is present inside the root of every tooth. The pulp surrounds and protects these nerves. It also protects a blood supply across the end of the root towards the circulatory system. This space within the tooth\’s root is known as the canal space. 

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment is mainly focused on repairing the inside of the tooth, and at times it is the only alternative besides having a tooth extracted due to irreparable damage. During the root canal treatment Sugar Land, the endodontist drills a small opening within the tooth and removes the infected nerves, blood supply, and pulp. The dentist will then clean the canal. Next, it will be shaped and sterilized, and finally, the canal space will be sealed off using filling material. 

It is challenging to cure whenever an infection happens to the inside of the tooth. It is because the bacteria continues to spread toward the nerve and surrounding tissue. If your tooth is decayed or in pain, schedule an appointment with your nearest dentist in Sugar Land to determine whether a root canal treatment is required. 

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