Know The Symptoms of Gum Disease

gum disease symptoms

Know The Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease or Periodontal disease is an oral infection in which bacterial contamination infects the gums. Untreated gum disease can lead to severe complications in health which include heart disease. The poor oral health and hygiene of an individual are some of the major causes of gum disease. If you notice the following symptoms, immediately consult a dentist.

Inexplicably bleeding gums

When the gums are infected, they bleed. You have probably been told by your dentist before that your gums bleed because you don’t floss. It is true! Flossing gets rid of the bacteria under your gums, which helps keep your gums healthy. But when you bleed while flossing or brushing, it’s a sign that your gums are infected.

You must know that this is a common sign that your gum disease has not actually progressed to an irreversible level. Early enough see a dentist and you’ll be all right!

Swollen gums and shifting teeth

Red and swollen gums are symptoms of gum disease progressing. It means that your gums have been tainted by the bacteria and polluted so much that it is enough to swell them.

You may start noticing, over time, that some of your teeth have changed positions slightly. That is because gum disease makes the gums fragile, which strongly weakens them from keeping their teeth in place. That’s also the reason you could get loose teeth.

Chronic bad breath

Do you have chronic bad breath, along with some of the described symptoms? The odor doesn’t come from the bacteria but from those bacteria’s metabolism. This is when the odor is strong enough to give you persistent bad breath when there is too much bacterial infection.

Receding gums

Apparently, are your teeth getting longer? No, they’re just getting exposed from your gums. Your gums will contract as a result of being infected since the bacteria feed on the cells and tissues in your gums. This is one of the symptoms of advanced gum disease, after which, it starts to severely affect your overall health.

If you ever experience one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, consider visiting a dentist near you immediately. Gum disease is a condition that must not be left untreated since there are major health issues linked to it, like strokes, Alzheimer’s, and even oral cancer. Get treatment today.

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