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Teeth Whitening Treatment in Sugarland TX

Flaunt Your Sparkling Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Cosmetic dentistry is soaring nowadays. When you desire to enhance your smile, you have many choices for cosmetic dental work. This is a technique of professional oral care that aims on enhancing the dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and of course your smile! Even some cases of treatment also render restorative benefits.

Common Procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry:

Teeth Whitening:

Also termed as ‘teeth bleaching’! This technique can lighten and whiten your teeth shade from any discoloration or staining within a few minutes. This can only be done after your dentist first ensures that no plaque, tartar, or other debris is present. It can be done in our dental office at Floss Dental or at home. Check with your Cosmetic Dentist first, for more details.

Dental Veneers:

A veneer is used to treat dental conditions like slightly crooked, discolored or chipped teeth, or even to cover gaps in between the teeth. Veneers are a thin shell created out of porcelain or composite material. They\’re individually made for each patient and cemented to the front side of the tooth which appear like original teeth.

Dental Implants:

A dental implant is a metal device created to replace missing teeth that are lost due to an accident, extraction or other dental problems. The device is basically made out of titanium and is surgically placed into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. You can think of Dental Implants as artificial tooth roots, which looks like screws. The screws are nothing but titanium cylinders that are affixed into the jawbone surgically, where there are missing teeth just below the gums. Once they are implanted, they attach with your natural bone. Implants can anchor artificial teeth like a crown, bridge, or denture.

Dental Crowns:

Crowns, also called ‘caps’, are custom designed to fit appropriately over your whole tooth to enhance its shape, size, strength, or appearance. They are basically created out of acrylic or porcelain that has been fused to metal, resin or ceramic. Crowns are normally used to treat teeth that are badly shaped, decayed, broken, chipped, or have had large fillings, or to cover gaps in between teeth.

Teeth Shaping:

Also known as “enamel shaping,” the dentist can redesign the tooth by filling or removing some of your enamel. This procedure is normally not painful and can generate instant effects.

Tooth Bonding:

It’s one of the easiest and least expensive Cosmetic Dentistry processes available! Bonding is the technique in which tooth-colored materials are bonded to the tooth. This treatment can be used to restore or enhance the appearance of a tooth that has been severely stained, broken, or cracked or has worn-down edges.

Orthodontics (Braces):

Braces can repair your crooked or misaligned teeth, and can enhance the health and looks of anyone\’s smile, be it adult or child. Braces start to perform by applying stable pressure over time to gradually move teeth into alignment.

Final Words

Consult your dentist to ensure which technique is best for you. However, remember, Cosmetic dentistry is usually not covered by dental insurance!

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