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How Can I Get A One Day Crown With CEREC?

CEREC is used as an acronym for ceramic reconstruction and refers to the designing and making of one day crowns. It’s high quality and metal-free dental restoration. Originally developed in 1980 with no practical use until 1985, CEREC was developed by Sirona and uses 3D technology along with CAD/CAM technology to assist the dentist in designing restorations without using impressions. Newer models that have been used since 2010 take virtual impressions and the CEREC restorations last a really long time. It works with inlays, onlays, bridges, and crowns. It’s able to build the actual restoration while you wait in the chair.

Is A CEREC Crown Right For Me?

The main function of a crown is to fulfill an aesthetic need, enhance the overall health of your mouth, and to restore function to the tooth. In cases where a tooth has broken down fillings and other problems, a crown can protect the rest of the remaining tooth. If you need a new inlay, onlay, or crown then you may be a one day crown candidate. CEREC can replace an old restoration or be used to create a completely new restoration. Basically, any large restoration makes it possible for you to get a CEREC crown.

What Are My Other Options?

Traditional crowns are created in a process that involves the dentist taking an impression to shape the teeth so the crown fits perfectly. A replication of your mouth is then taken to be sent to the dental laboratory that makes the restoration. A temporary restoration is inserted until the crown is made by the laboratory. At your next appointment, the dental laboratory will have made your crown and the dentist will ensure the fit before securing the final restoration.


Technology Benefits

CEREC crowns have all of the same benefits of traditional crowns plus a little extra benefit.

  • They conceal common aesthetic concerns as well as strengthen the tooth’s structure.
  • Ceramic crowns have the same longevity of a traditional crown but made in a fraction of the time.

  • The time it takes is the biggest benefit of CEREC crowns. No dental laboratory is involved, the creation happens while you’re there, and there is no need for a returning visit. All you need to get done is done in one sitting.

There are many ways our team at FLOSS Dental can help improve your smile. With the technology advancements in dentistry, we can often times complete your restoration in one visit.

How It Works And What To Expect At Your Appointment

CEREC technology greatly simplifies the process of creating and placing a crown. The process begins with the restoration area being photographed and stored as a three-dimensional model digitally.

A proprietary software then is used to determine and create the restored shape using biogeneric comparisons to surrounding teeth. The dentist will then refine the model using 3D CAD software.

Once the model is finished, a milling machine will be used to carve the restoration out of a ceramic block with diamond head cutters using computer control. When complete, the restoration is placed within the mouth and is then bonded to the tooth using a resin. A one day crown is a perfect option for patients wanting a quick and worry-free session.

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