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Dental Hygienist for you

Dental Hygienist

How Can Visiting The Dentist Save You Money?

Dental hygiene is the most important reason to go to the dentist. With good dental hygiene, you’ll have good oral health meaning that you’ll be at less risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your dental hygiene and oral health is also an indicator of other factors of your overall health. Ways to improve your dental hygiene is to ensure you’re brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, and cleaning your tongue. Extra tips include eating a healthy and balanced diet. Of course, always remember to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with our office.

Cleanings And Checkups

Cleanings and checkups are appointments that you schedule with your dentist. During these checkups, we go through procedures where we check the current status of your oral hygiene then do work to deeply clean your mouth. Cleanings help prevent plaque buildup which is the main cause of gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned also remove stains in teeth that result from drinking coffee, wine, tobacco, and other products that cause discoloration. An included benefit is that it prevents halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath. The quickest most efficient way to make sure you have a clean and healthy mouth is through cleanings and checkups.

How Often Should You Get Checkups?

You should get checkups every six months. This goes for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you brush and floss every day, it’s highly encouraged to come back every six months. The only people exempt from this rule are those with gum disease, who are supposed to come in every three months for cleanings and checkups.


Benefits Of Frequent Cleanings

Some benefits of getting your teeth cleaned are obvious. Some of the obvious include better-smelling breath, a brighter and cleaner smile, and prevention of plaque buildup. There are more benefits than you think to getting your teeth cleaned quite frequently.

Prevent tooth loss. A characteristic of gum disease includes tooth loss and gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque. Since cleanings get rid of plaque, your chances of tooth loss decrease when you go to the dentist.

Decreases chances of cardiovascular disease. A surprising benefit of regular cleanings is the decrease in chance of developing cardiovascular disease. More and more studies have found a correlation between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. Therefore, decreasing your chances of gum disease can decrease your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Saves money in the long run. Regular cleanings and checkups are a part of many dental plans, and the work done during them prevent possible dental surgeries and diseases. Dental surgery can be a major investment of money, so regular checkups save you money.

What Can You Expect At Your Appointment?

During your checkup, one of our dentists will examine your head for any swelling or other signs that may signal dental troubles or cancer. After that, a check for cavities will be performed as well as a check for plaque or tartar buildup. Your gums will also be examined as they can be used to determine overall health. During cleaning, they’ll remove any plaque and tartar, polish the tooth, and finish up with flossing. Dental hygiene is an important part of living a healthy, happy life. Keep your mouth healthy by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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