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7 Common Emergency Dental Problem


The very term ‘emergency’ should not scare you as this post would strive to keep you well prepared for coping with the worst of the situations. We often tend to neglect our oral health as it seems to be only a non-significant part of our overall physical health. But one would be heavily mistaken in considering things to be so. There are certain dental emergency situations that needs a special mention and you must be well equipped to face them.
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1. Chipped Tooth: A chipped tooth is mostly the resultant of either a sports injury or biting down on something hard. As soon as you ave a chipped tooth, all you need to do is:
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2. Knocked-Out Tooth: A knocked out tooth is usually the resultant of a trauma or a sports injury. Even in case of a knocked out tooth, the things to be done are more or less similar to that of way you have to deal with a chipped tooth.
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3. Toothaches: In case of toothaches that may go from mild to acute, there are certain emergency steps to be taken on your part and they essentially are –
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4. When something gets caught Between Your Teeth: In such a case, use a floss to remove the stubborn particle from where it got suck. If you fail, do not attempt to do the job using a pin or a sharp object. They might prove to be dangerous especially for your gums because it is made up of those soft tissues!
5. Lost Dental Restorations: If a crown comes out loose, do the following:
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6. Abscess – Abscesses are infections that occur near the tooth roots or the space between the teeth and gums. Abscesses may seriously damage tissue and surrounding teeth, with the infection bearing the possibility of spreading to other parts of the body if left untreated.
7. Soft-tissue injuries – Soft tissues include tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips. Any sort of bleeding in these areas should be addressed immediately with one of the following measures:
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If you are well prepared or well aware of your to-dos in the event of the above mentioned emergencies, you are more or less prepared to tackle tough situations. If initial care does not alleviate the situation, a dental visit is always the best and safest step to be taken.
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